Frequently Asked Questions

Will the list of hotels be the same?

Yes, Charitable Hotels lists 93% of all US hotels. We deliver the same hotels as, Expedia, Orbitz etc.

Will the rate I pay be the same as the other online sites?

Yes, exactly the same. Rate parity (same rates) is required by all major hotel chains and the online travel agencies, thus hotels display the same rate on all travel booking websites, including Charitable Hotels.

Will an additional fee be added to my stay to provide the charitable contribution?

No, the charitable contribution is created by Charitable Hotels giving back a significant portion of the commission the hotel pays.

Eventually could I decide to have my generated donation go to charities besides those listed on the home page?

Yes, in the near future we will allow customers to choose between 110,000 charities through our strategic partner, Network for Good.

Are my donations tax deductible?

No they are not. We tried to adjust our model to accomplish this but it is simply not a viable option. To ensure our 501c3 status is approved, we must be assured the money is donated and if we refund the commission to each guest (required for tax deductibility), we cannot guarantee the commission gets donated.