About Charitable Hotels

The principals of Charitable Hotels are involved in various non-profits and over the years, they have come to know how inefficient fundraising is. Roughly 20% of donations are used to generate more donations. Plus, the allocation of human hours and the current tough economic climate make generating crucial funds very difficult. It is in this environment that the idea for Charitable Hotels was hatched. Charitable Hotels operates on a simple concept. Instead of keeping the large commissions hotels are paying Online Travel Agencies, we are giving them back to charity. Here is how it works:

1. Hotel Reservation is Made.

Our hotel network is extensive - it includes 93% of all US hotels. Yet more important, our rates are the EXACT rates you will see on Hotels.com, Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity or any other Online Travel Agency. Rate parity is contractually required by hotel chains and OTA’s thus you will see the same rates on Charitable Hotels that you see on all other OTA’s.

2. Donation is Generated.

Well, technically they are commissions (paid by the hotels) but we turn them into donations. The commission agreements are negotiated by the hotel chains and paid by the individual hotels. No additional fee is added to your bill, rather, we simply give the commission (less our cost) back to your charity.

3. Donation is Given to Your Charity of Choice.

After your stay, we send an email telling you the donation amount generated by your stay. Every six months, we give the accrued donations to the designated charity.

4. End of Year Reporting.

At the end of the year we will send you an email showing the total donated via your travel. This will have a transaction number assigned to it allowing the charity to know who you are and allowing you to track your donation.